The influence of the media reaches far deeper than we would like to believe.. a lot of us consciously or unconsciously base a lot of the things we like and our opinions about a lot a lot of things based solely on what we see in the media, and much as we  like to think these message help us, it takes a while to realize that under all  the comedy, action and drama there are a lot of terrible subtle messages that are being passed, in my lats post i started to mention  just a few of these terrible messages as i will continue to do today. like i said in my last post my ultimate goal if for you to enjoy the media without being influenced by it. but first yo need to understand theses messages before knowing how not to pay attention to them.

after listing all these messages i will expound on them giving detailed examples of several media outlets that propagate these messages and the ruses used to make them appear normal. let it be known that these media manipulators are very smart and prey on the weak minded.. they also know that people let their guard down if they think there is nothing to fear.

* making family life seem cumbersome, and not worth it, portraying that people who have children always come to regret it

* desensitization to incest and a lot of morally depraved acts, making premarital sex seem like the coolest thing ever.

* duming down expectations, making people believe that settling for less is good, lowering the levels of success so the masses are complacent and do not strive to really make and impact and become of power and value

* duming down intelligence, stirring people away from reading, exploring, furthering their education, exalting a college degree like its a doctorate. removing grades form schools so children do not feel the need to do better hereby gradually killing any drive of more intelligence . making therm live a less standard life

* desensitizing people to a toxic environment full of murder, cannibalism and other horrific crimes |[note that a lot of these messages are passed in subtext and are usually masked with forms of comedy drama and supposed romance]

* encouraging racist and fascist attitudes, segregation and inequality..

* encouragement to desist from natural foods and to gorge on illness promoting foods like soft drinks and other processed foods.. always portraying the ill in movies desensitizing people to when the floods of illnesses begin even more than they already have.

* getting rid of family values, fading away the need for respect among  social groups while encouraging violence bullying and foul language and disrespect , all things that when embedded in a child can lead to a terrible adulthood 

these are the list of woes we constantly face from the media, a lot of people do nit realize it however because that are caught in the drama and glamour associated with it all. ever bothered to ask yourself why illusion is more exalted than reality or why there is a new movie or song out almost everyday.. its not because they care about your collections trust me.. this is a very complex plan to slowly turn people away from all things good.. we must take good care not to pay attention to these messages.. in my next post i shall start to expound on these messages.. farther down the line when you have a deeper understanding of what i seek to educate about we will discuss what has come to be the turning point form an era of piousness to one of unimaginable filth.. this might be a lot but its crucial you understand it as well… the separation of church and state.

Keep being awesome.



media manipulation


The media, the illusion that governs us. this has taken a while but its time to explore the depths of our problems and try to get the hidden killer out of our lives. scholars in times past have told and retold their peers about media literacy, about not letting the ‘artists’ which is the media manipulators get too much control over the minds snd opinions of people as it would lead to catastrophic results and here we are already peeking behind the darkest, most sadistic doors we can.

the media on its own might appear harmless on its own, but you need to understand the symbolism behind it, the subliminal messages that are passed on a daily basis that destroy basic human emotions, feelings making them seem pointless or bad while exalting the opposite moral values.. over a certain period of time making what is bad good and what is good bad , twisting and manipulating the masses into believing the most morally perverse things.. and most importantly making it seem normal. I would like to state that the media can be used for good and can be used for the evolving  of people, but what can evolve you for better can also be used to devolve, bring down and bring into utter depression those who are manipulated by it. The media manipulates through statement and reinforcement to send perverse messages (note that the same techniques can be used for good) . the reinforcement of these messages are for a far darker purpose but i would like to list and then expound on these messages first so we recognize them and try to avoid from now on being influenced and manipulated by petty lies and prejudices.

*making the males consumed by ego and selfishness. making them lose sense of who they really are so they fall for all doctrines and do anything to look ‘cool’ in front of friends and others. making them believe showing of perfectly natural emotions is bad and unacceptable which leads to repressed emotions which eventually bubbles out as extreme anger. misleading the males both socially  and sexually.

*trying to obejectify females, making them seem small and of less value, underestimating the power and importance of the woman, promoting the ideas that they are only sexual beings and not whole people,trying to undermine their successes.

*influencing the kids at a horrifyingly young age, misleading them before they even get to know who they really are and what path to follow, dictating terrible lessons as ‘cool’ through all sorts of mediums. incorporating sex and violence into their lives so that’s all they know.

in my next post, i will be listing and start expounding on far more of these misleading messages as they affect everyone in every walk of life whether they realize it or not.this is a long and incredibly educating journey you are embarking on with me today. i hope you have started to notice a little but of what am saying, and i will continue to educate you. these media messages aren’t going to get better, only worse. A major goal is to enjoy the media without being influenced by it. i will post the sequence in a few days.. have a wonderful day.